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Lorana Hoopes

Mixed Collection

Mixed Collection

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Not sure which books you'll love the most? Then this mixed bundle by Award Winning and USA Today Best Selling author Lorana Hoopes is for you. Includes two romantic comedies, one YA romance, two stand alone romances, and a three book bride series.

This offer isn't available anywhere else.

Second chances, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, small town and more are the tropes you'll find as you read through this series. 

With 40% off this bundle, you'll have hours of thrilling suspense and heart-warming romance!

Begin the bundle with A Merry Mistake - a Christmas romantic comedy.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Seriously, I love it all - the absolutely magical decorations (there's an inflatable dragon drinking cocoa that I have to see every night even though dragons aren't usually associated with Christmas), twinkling strings of lights hanging from buildings and houses (the colored icicles are my favorite, but I enjoy the solid white ones too), and huge trees decorated with colorful ornaments. Plus there's the food (I usually eat too much of that), the music (I start listening before Thanksgiving), and the snow (which we never get enough of in my opinion). Seriously everything. But my favorite part about Christmas this year is getting to spend a weekend with my friends at a beautiful resort that goes all out for Christmas. It’s only about half an hour from where we live, but Rudolph, Washington puts our little town to shame, and so does this lodge.

“Oh, the pictures did not do it justice,” I breathe as we pull into the parking lot of The Snowflake Lodge. The lodge, which had been recently bought by a couple named Chris and Margie Kringle if you can believe it, is a gingerbread house on steroids. The roof glistens the same chocolate brown as a Kit Kat bar and the building itself is decorated with lights so bright that you could see them from the sky. White Jenga-style chimneys peak from each side and snowflakes dot every window, outlining each glass pane, regardless of size. Even though the part of the country we live in doesn’t get a lot of snow, the lodge advertises a full-fledged Christmas experience complete with horse-drawn carriage rides, an indoor ice-skating rink, and a spectacular tree lighting ceremony. Plus daily pictures with Santa starting on the fifteenth of December. 

Charlie kills the engine and nods as she looks up at the lodge. “I have to agree. This looks fantastic. Now, let’s just hope they have a fitness facility.” Charlie is the fitness guru of the group. Well, that’s actually putting it nicely. Her passionate love for fitness and exercise is like no one else's. She is relentless in her pursuit of perfect health, like a drill sergeant drilling her troops. We are her friends, not her clients, and sometimes we have to remind her of that.

“We’re only here for two nights,” Hannah says as she opens her door, “I think you can skip working out for two days.”

“Probably three depending on when we leave Sunday,” Charlie grumbles, “and I already had to cut my workout short today.”

I open my door and pull out my phone, clicking my social media app as I do. When the video starts rolling, I smile. “Well guys, we officially made it to The Snowflake Lodge and it is amazing. We haven’t seen our room yet, but just check out this view.” I pan the camera slowly over the massive stone building that holds The Snowflake Lodge. An archway shaped like a snowflake floating in an ocean of white welcomes us to the property. Snow drifts at the edges of the property and perches on the limbs of evergreen trees, giving everything a fairytale appearance. There’s no snow falling currently, but there’s a covering on the ground already from a previous snowfall, glistening like a dusting of glitter. Evidently, we’re scheduled to get more snow than usual this winter, and I am not complaining because I love snow. It makes everything look cleaner, more pristine. The trees and rooftops are coated in the delicate white, and though it’s not dark yet, the Christmas lights decorating the lodge are already on and sparkling like tiny rays of hope.

“Are you going to record everything we do this weekend?” Katie asks as my camera settles on her face.

“That is the price of fame.” I shoot my tongue out at her, knowing the camera is facing away from me and my infantile gesture won’t be seen by my fans. “Don’t worry guys, Katie isn’t always this grumpy, and a promise is a promise. Though you can’t be here with me, you’ll feel like you are. Gotta run for now, but comment on what your favorite thing to do over Christmas is and I’ll try to get some videos around those ideas.” I tap the button to end the video and then quickly type out a description and hashtags to upload it.

“You do realize you aren’t famous, right?” Katie's mouth twists into a frown as she tosses my bag at my feet, a little too forcefully if you ask me. “You’re a cosmetologist.”

That is only half true. I am a cosmetologist and I’m glad I am as it made it easy to take the weekend off, but some of my income comes from my social media accounts, so I’m also kind of famous.” I actually enjoy doing makeup makeovers - there is something about making a woman feel good about herself when she looks in the mirror - but I am looking forward to the day that it’s no longer my main income. And that day is coming. I can feel it like a soft buzzing in my bones, a vibration below my skin. It’s been a slow build, but I’m starting to get more money from my monetized social media accounts and incentives from businesses.

“I still can’t believe they pay you to put up videos.” Charlie's lip twitches in disdain as she rolls her eyes at me.

I pick up my bag, shifting the straps on my duffel bag, trying not to wince at the strain of its overloaded contents. I’ve packed entirely too much considering our limited stay, but you never know what to be prepared for, so I brought a little of everything. “Hey, I’ve offered to start a channel for you. As a personal trainer, you could make a lot.”

“Except that as a personal trainer, I have to work with my clients personally. That’s sort of what the name means.” She rolls her eyes at me like this is common knowledge and she can’t believe that I don’t understand it, but I can’t believe she doesn’t understand the untapped potential she is letting slip by. I know she doesn’t trust my opinion on a lot of things, but social media is my jam.

“And you could still do that, but you could also do tips and workouts they could do on their own and garner an online audience as well. It would be great for people who want to work out but don’t want to go to the gym.”

“The online commercial section is growing at an astronomical rate,” Piper says, consulting her phone. The girl is a wizard when it comes to research. She can find just about anything in under two minutes, and what she can’t find, she has stored in her head. I honestly think her brain must be bigger than most people’s because of the sheer amount of knowledge stored there. I wouldn't be surprised if we found out she was the daughter of Albert Einstein or something. “In this case, I do believe Belle is correct that you could increase your income if you added an online presence to your in-person business model.”

Charlie glares at her. “I don’t have time to shoot silly videos like Belle does. I have a real business to run.”

“Girls, it’s Christmas time. Perhaps we can hold off on the bickering for the next few days,” Hannah says, stepping into her peacemaker role and shooting us pointed looks. Her dark hair is pulled back into a low ponytail which makes her look both serious and authoritative. She’s not a mother, yet, but I like to call this particular look her ‘mom look’ because it reminds me very much of the ones I used to get from my mother. Hannah swears she’s perfected it because she helped raise her younger brothers, but however she got it, she’s very good at it.

Continue reading A Merry Mistake if you enjoy:

✨ Enemies to lovers

✨ Second Chances

✨ Funny situations

✨ Grumpy sunshine

✨ Sweet kisses

 ⭐ -  This sweet story of redemption was a beautiful read! I loved the characters, and how they worked through a painful past.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  A sweet story of second chances and forgiveness.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - This is a wholesome, clean, Christian romance which is my very favorite kind. You won't be disappointed! Though, you will also want to read the rest of the series and more of her books, because Lorana is that good!

Claim your collection and immerse yourself in hours of sweet romance, Christian themes, and stories that will warm your heart. Scroll up and buy now!

Included in the Bundle

✅ - A Merry Mistake

✅ - Take a Chance on Me

✅ - Spring into Love

✅ - Love Renewed

✅ - Chemistry 101

✅ - Lawfully Redeemed

✅ - The Cowboy's Reality Bride

✅ - The Producer's Unlikely Bride

✅ - The Soldier's Steadfast Bride


First Chapter

Lawfully Redeemed

Calvin stared at the computer screen and rubbed his eyes. While he loved his job, the monotony sometimes got to him. Day in and day out, just him and his computer. He could really use some company. 

A knock sounded at the door, and Calvin chuckled at the timing. His good mood faded, however, as he opened the door and tried to suppress his sigh. His brother Chris stood on the other side, and from the slight twitching of his body, Calvin could tell he was using again.

“What is it, Chris?” Calvin hated the tone in his voice, but he had been bailing Chris out of trouble for the last few years.

Chris hadn’t always been this way. During his Junior year of college, their father was diagnosed with cancer. After a tough yearlong battle, the cancer won. Two months after that, a car accident took their mother's life. It had been too much for twenty-two-year-old Chris to bear. Heck, it had been too much for Calvin to bear at twenty-six, but at least he’d had a job to fall back on. A solitary, retreat-from-everyone kind of job, but still a job. Chris, on the other hand, hadn't quite finished college, having taken time off when their father got sick, and therefore wasn’t sure where to go.  

Unfortunately, he turned to drugs. At first, it had just been smoking marijuana at parties, which was legal in their state. Then, it had transitioned into smoking pot every night. From there, Chris turned to harder drugs like ecstasy and Oxycodone. Now, Calvin believed Chris was dabbling in cocaine or heroin, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask. Ignorance wasn't really blissful, but it kept him from going completely crazy with guilt. 

Chris twitched and rubbed his nose. “I just need a couple hundred dollars, Calvin. Enough to get me through the month. The landlord raised the rent again.” 

Calvin knew this was a lie. Chris had already used this excuse, along with losing his job, having to repair his car, and getting robbed. No, this money was for drugs and Calvin was done supplying his habit. Last month when Chris asked for money, he promised to attend rehab. Either he had not fulfilled that promise, or it hadn’t worked for him.             

“I’m sorry, Chris, but I’m not giving you any more money.” As hard as it was to watch his little brother go down this path, he needed some tough love. Calvin reached for the door handle to shut the front door, but Chris managed to wiggle his toe in to keep it from closing. 

“Food then?” he asked with another slight twitch. “I haven’t eaten in a few days. Can I at least have some food?” 

Calvin knew he should say no, but this was his brother and he couldn’t watch him starve to death. “Fine,” he said, stepping back and allowing Chris to open the door. “Lunch, but that’s it. Then you leave.” 

“You got it. Thanks, Cal, you always were a great brother.” 

Calvin sighed. He wished he could just be a brother instead of his brother’s keeper. “Have a seat,” Calvin said, pointing to the living room couch. “I’ll make a sandwich and pack you an extra one for later.” 

Chris nodded and grabbed the remote as he plopped down on Calvin’s couch. 

Calvin continued to the kitchen and grabbed the bread, meat, and cheese from the fridge. The sound of some football game carried across the room as he prepared the sandwiches. With a sigh, he thought back to high school. Back to a simpler time when Chris played football and his biggest worry was getting a date on Friday night. 

What would it take to get Chris back on track? Calvin wasn’t sure he could handle any more loss. If he lost Chris, he’d be all alone, but though he’d been praying for the last two years, God hadn’t answered his prayer yet. 

He grabbed two bags of chips from the pantry and added them to the plates. Then he sealed the third sandwich in a bag and placed it on Chris’s plate. 

“You weren’t watching the game?” Chris asked when Calvin entered the living room. For a moment, his eyes shone bright and clear. 

“No, I was working,” Calvin said. As a developer for a software company, he often worked from home and his work time and personal time mixed together frequently. “But I’ll watch it with you now.” He handed Chris his plate and then sat beside him, placing his own plate on his lap. 

“Thanks, bro,” Chris said, opening the bag of chips and shoving three in his mouth. “They’re down by a touchdown, but they might be able to pull it out,” he said around his mouthful of food. 

Calvin bit back a smile. It was nice to see Chris as he remembered him even if it only lasted an hour or so. As he bit into his own sandwich, he sent another prayer heavenward. “Lord, please reach Chris. Help him get clean and see the error of his ways before he ends up dead.” 

Chris’s sandwich and chips were gone before the first commercial break. Calvin would have made more, but Chris didn’t ask. When the game ended, Chris tucked the extra sandwich in his jacket pocket as he stood up to leave. 

“Hey, Calvin,” he said, digging the toe of his shoe into the carpet. “If I needed help, not financial, but, you know, other help, would you be there for me?” 

The stress on the word other led Calvin to believe Chris was asking for help in hiding, making, or selling drugs. All things Calvin would never do. He sucked in a deep breath as he thought about his answer. “I love you Chris, I do, but I won't do anything illegal, not even for you.” 

Chris nodded, his shaggy brown hair swishing against his pale skin. “Yeah, I got it. Thanks for the food though.” 

“You’re welcome.” 

After one final awkward stare, Chris shuffled to the front door. As the door closed behind him, Calvin leaned against it and sighed. Giving tough love was not easy, and he hoped he was doing the right thing.

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Lorana Hoopes

Lorana Hoopes is a USA Today Best Selling Author and now an Award Winning Author as well. She's had two books earn a Page Turner Award Finalist badge and she recently won the Reader's Favorite Book Award for Romantic Suspense.