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Lorana Hoopes is an award winning and USA Today Best Selling author. Born in Texas, many of her books are set there though she also has books set in Washington, New York, and fictional towns in Colorado and Illinois. She grew up reading Christian fiction but always found it either preachy or unrealistic, so when she started writing, she decided she wanted to write more realistic fiction. Her characters struggle and make mistakes, but they find their way back to God.

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Lorana has been married for over twenty years to her husband Dean. They have three children who serve as characters for her Wishing Stone series which she wrote when her oldest was first learning to read. In addition to writing, Lorana is also a full time teacher. She teaches English, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Health. Two of her Creative Writing Students have published books as well.

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When not writing, Lorana can be seen in her studio where she narrates her books as well as several other clean authors or on the stage where she loves singing and acting. She also enjoys working out and was an avid kickboxer for over 15 years.

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