Collection: Blushing Brides

Christian romance stories that feature brides. "I loved this story. It was so easy to read, because the story seemed to flow so effortlessly. I loved all of the characters involved. They were very likable and believable, people who are very easy to relate to. The fact that this was a clean story, made it all that much more enjoyable, too. It was also very funny at times, which had me chuckling since it reminded me of myself, and those awkward teenage years. Although, she was far from being a teenager, but still.... it made her more relatable to me... I liked Tyler a lot. He was a man of deep religious beliefs, and he had a good set of morales of his own, too. His friends Nancy & Aaron were the kind of friends anyone would love to have as friends.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone." - Cindy F