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Author Lorana Hoopes

Faith over Fear Signed Paperback

Faith over Fear Signed Paperback

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The world as they know it has ceased to exist... Can they find a way to survive?

Raven never thought the Tribulation would be easy, but she had no idea how hard it would be. She and the other believers have survived the virus, but what's coming next is even worse. They knew that taking the vaccine was not an option for them, but without it, they can no longer shop or work. Thankfully, they have a place to live, but what happens if they run out of food? And what if Daman Caturix comes after them? Will they be able to make it until Jesus returns?

Find out in this exciting page-turning conclusion to the Are You Listening series by USA Today Best-selling author Lorana Hoopes. Fans of Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, and Tim LaHaye will love this fast-paced adventure that will leave you pondering the future as we know it.

First Chapter

Numbers filtered through the television screen, each representing a life. Daman Caturix saw them all; he knew who was obedient, who was obstinate, who would live and who would die. Things were moving in the right direction, but still not fast enough. 

“Samael,” he called, his fingers tapping against the arm of his throne.

“Yes, my lord?” The demon bowed before him.

“I need you to make sure those in charge are encouraging more mandates. For public safety, of course. It appears that some people are too fearful, too unpredictable, especially in America.” 

“Yes, my lord.”

Dr. Goodman had claimed mandating the shot would unite them, bring them together, but it was creating more division than ever, and while Daman delighted in division, this kind was not acceptable. This kind was showing him that the people so focused on losing their freedom and fighting for their choice would be reluctant to take his mark when it was time. He had no tolerance for those who would not bow to him, those who would never take his mark, and that meant they had no place in his world.    

He shifted his attention to Australia and smiled. Here the plan was working exceptionally well. Containment camps had been set up for those who refused to submit, and the penalty was excessive. Strict lockdowns forced the people not only to remain close to their home, but to inform police of their whereabouts and who they were in contact with. Most importantly, those in charge had enforced a pass in order to work, to shop, to live life essentially. Perhaps that was the answer. Perhaps Americans would give up this notion of freedom and liberty if their livelihood was at stake.

“Samael,” he called again, bringing the demon before him once more.

“Yes, my lord?” His loyalty was dogmatic, endearing. It was why he had risen in the ranks to be Daman’s right-hand man.

“How many of the states have set up a vaccine passport of sorts? The kind required to work.”

Samael cocked his head as if thinking. “About half, my lord, but some are fighting it completely. There are some states that have thrown off fear of NCAV and instead decided to live with it. Seeing what is happening in other states, they are already writing laws to prohibit such a thing in their state.”

“Then they must be dealt with. Swiftly. And tell the other states to press harder. We need to make sure the people will comply.”

“Yes, my lord.”

As Samael left the room, Daman stood and began to pace the room. It had started so well - the believers being taken from the world, leaving the rest in fear and confusion - a perfect place for suggestion and coercion. And of course, leaving those who would be more likely to follow him. But then some had figured out the truth behind the disappearances and begun rebuilding churches and sharing the word of God again. Again! He swept his arm, knocking over a large decorative candelabra and sending it crashing to the floor. For years, he fought the word of God, but every time he thought he stomped it out, it would slither back like a weed.

But this time he approached it differently. The creation of the internet seemed like an innocent tool, but it was the perfect foothold into believers’ minds. Many believers were lulled to sleep, allowing him to shift the culture away from church and family and towards violence, lust, greed, and depravity. Anger had also spread after the disappearances, raging like an unstoppable fire, and he’d been hopeful that, coupled with the grief and confusion also circulating,  the combination would allow him to finally reveal himself and establish his kingdom, but he hadn’t anticipated the few who would have knowledge, who would seek out answers, and who would then sow dissent in his perfect plan.

So, he’d had to get more creative. Viruses and diseases had performed well in the past, killing many, and sending shockwaves of fear and paranoia through the rest. Of course, he’d lost some of his loyal followers, but it was a small price to pay to take out the other players as well. After all, this was war, and sometimes you lost people to win the war. People meant nothing to him anyway. They were merely pawns, playing their part until they lost their usefulness or he became bored with them. Unfortunately, this virus hadn’t worked exactly as planned. Oh, it had taken quite a human toll, but it had only sowed fear in some of the population, not all. Ironically, the internet was to blame for this. The ability to connect with people around the world and to access documents unavailable before had led some to ask questions. And questions were never good.

But sowing chaos was his strength, and he’d had an answer. Humanity loved to feel important and brag about their virtues, so what better way than to introduce a cure for the virus? A cure that would not only allow him to show his benevolent side and set him up for his takeover but would also show him who would be most allegiant. No cure is perfect, of course, but the seed of fear had been planted so deeply that he knew that even if the cure took out some along the way, many would still push it. And so far, he had been pleased.

Except when it came to America. Oh, there were places following the plan nicely, but there were others who staunchly refused to take the shot regardless of the bribe. They’d ignored free items, money, lotteries, etc., and still they simply refused to do what they were told. And it annoyed him. He was used to being bowed to and worshiped, but these people refused to open their ears; to hear him. But he would win. He had many more weapons at his disposal, and it was about time he employed them. 

Steepling his fingers, he brought them to his lips as he watched the peons on the screen once more. A little more pressure and some violence ought to do the job nicely. A wicked smile spread across his face as he began to formulate the plan.

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Lorana Hoopes

Lorana Hoopes is a USA Today Best Selling Author and now an Award Winning Author as well. She's had two books earn a Page Turner Award Finalist badge and she recently won the Reader's Favorite Book Award for Romantic Suspense.