Author's Spotlight 7/9/2024

Author's Spotlight 7/9/2024

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I was supposed to go on vacation with my best friend… not my best friend’s little brother.

It was going to be a fun girls-only trip to Solvang, CA… before it turned into me dressing up like the Michelin Man, getting a call from my bestie telling me that she’s too sick to come, and losing my luggage.

Now I’m at the airport waiting for my best friend’s little brother to pick me up. After all the unexpected twists and turns of this morning, you’d think nothing would surprise me, that is until nothing turns out to be a six-foot-tall hazel-eyed man with a beautiful smile.


Shane Morgan’s grown up a lot since I last saw him in high school. A hunky EMT now, he’s still sweet and funny, but also a lot bolder and charming… to the point where I wonder if he might be flirting with me. But that can’t be possible, right? He’s just an old friend. An old friend who makes my knees go weak when he leans à la While You Were Sleeping and has me regretting ever going on a dating sabbatical.


How am I ever going to survive my surprise vacation date without falling for my best friend’s brother?



Boulder Creek is in need of a Christmas Miracle…

Jayce Chambers offered her heart to high school sweetheart Austin Jarrett years ago, and he tossed it aside without so much as a backward glance. Though the town of Boulder Creek dubs the firefighter captain a hero, she vows she'll never again fall victim to his charms.

Austin had once hoped to build a happily-ever-after with Jayce, but circumstances beyond his control put the brakes on their future together. That’s all in the past, but Jayce seems bent on never letting him forget he let her down, big time.

When a meddling angel at the annual Fighters for Hire charity auction brings Austin and Jayce together again, even Jayce’s steely resolve and Austin’s heartfelt regrets from the past can't thwart the firefighter’s plans to once and for all make her his own.



She agitates me to no end, but I'll do whatever I can to win her.

I'm a simple cowboy turned undercover agent navigating a life of danger and intrigue.
She's my sister's roommate, best friend, and drop-dead gorgeous. Her first words after we met? “I don't get what the big deal is.”
The smirk she threw while sauntering away knocked me off my feet and had my sister laughing hysterically.
She's starting life while I'm mingling with dangerous criminals.
When we finally get together, I'm smitten. Our chemistry is undeniable—a pure, heaven-help-us blaze.
Pint-sized Hazel, with her bigger-than-life personality, smart mouth, captivating mind, and stunning face, keeps me bothered in the best ways.
Until she walks away, leaving me in a downward spiral.
After my last mission, I made a vow: find Hazel and redeem myself in her eyes.
Amidst relentless trials, our journey is fraught with laughter, danger, adrenaline, and a myriad of obstacles.
She's been driving me crazy forever, and I'm determined to make her mine.

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