Author's Spotlight 7/2/2024

Author's Spotlight 7/2/2024

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She'll have to trust her ex-husband.

For Peyton Kennedy, her life begins to fall apart when her sister is murdered and Peyton is forced to flee with her infant niece. Unsure who she can trust, she goes to Destiny, Texas where her ex-husband lives. Regardless of how things ended between them, she knows he's the one person who can protect them and help her find justice for her sister.

He's determined to protect her … but from what?

As a general practitioner, Doctor Jay Baird is content with focusing on the care of his patients. And then his ex-wife walks through his door after not speaking to her for almost two years and changes everything. It's impossible to turn Peyton away when it's clear her life is in danger, especially when neither of them knows who is after her or what they want.

They must face their fears or risk losing everything.

The investigation leads them right back to the scene of the crime. If they have any hope of identifying the killers, they'll have to set aside their differences or risk facing their greatest fear: losing each other.



How did I end up playing the fake fiancé to a woman I just met? Well, it all started with a trip. A guilt trip.

My family is wacky. And way too involved in my love life. So, when my sister demands I bring my fiancée to her wedding, there's only one problem . . . she doesn’t exist.

Who better to play the role of my future bride than the woman who nearly kicked my bucket?
Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Evie is gorgeous, accomplished, and funny.

The plan? We’ll learn everything we can about each other, then ‘break things off’ a few weeks after the wedding.

Except . . .

The line between reality and make-believe is getting blurrier.
I can’t stop thinking about Evie. Actually, I can think of little else.
Her laughter is contagious. Our fake kisses feel real.

Maybe if we keep practicing—a lot—we’ll pull this whole love thing off.

For real.



Note: This book was previously published as His Mortal Enemy Second Chance Bachelorette: A Small Town Second Chance Romance by Stratford, Karly.

They’d been rivals since kindergarten

Why would today be any different?

They locked eyes across the room, and Brenna’s red lips pulled into a sneer. She owned the lawyer look from head to toe.

A raised eyebrow asked if he’d brought his ‘A’ game to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Just like old times.

Flint couldn’t help the grin. He was always ready.

The grin. Other girls had melted in its wake, but it had never affected her that way.

Flint Decker—now a professional football player—wasn’t charming, he was annoying.

So annoying that she’d spent her entire school career ensuring he wasn’t the smartest person in the room.

But the grin was different this time.

So different that she wondered if there could be a truce in their future.

It would probably end in an epic holiday disaster...

But what if it didn’t?

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