Author's Spotlight 6/18/2024

Author's Spotlight 6/18/2024

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Golf is for rich, pretentious jerks who need something to do while they gossip.

That’s always been my opinion. So when my best friend lands me an interview with Miles Day–the youngest golfer to ever win the Masters–I almost say no.

But the six-figure salary attached to the position is too good to pass up.

Miles gives me the job as his assistant, with one caveat–don’t fall in love with him. Easy. So easy that I laugh in his face when he so much as suggests the possibility.

Except… the more time I spend with Miles, the harder it is to resist his charming smile and glittering green eyes.

Catching feelings for him isn’t an option though, because I have goals to reach, and he has an aversion to commitment. Falling in love would be a mistake, one neither of us are willing to make.



What if your first love was the one you were meant to be with forever?

Poppy fell hard and fast for Leo. Even though they’re young, she saw herself spending the rest of her life with him. When life's burdens forced Leo to choose duty over love, what Poppy thought was a happily ever after ended with heartache and shattered dreams.

After Leo’s father died, Leo’s life became ensnarled in family obligations that didn’t include Poppy. He’s forced to give up everything—including his job and the woman he loves.

Years later, when their paths cross again, the old flame of attraction flares back to life. Leo is finally free to live his life as he wants. But is Poppy ready to trust in the possibility of a future together?

Will Poppy and Leo’s love be strong enough to heal the past and prove that some love stories are simply meant to be?



I need a fresh start, a clear perspective.

Hiking has always given me that. I know that this hike up Longs Peak is going to help me know what to do next. It’s the perfect plan.

What I didn’t plan on? Jack Donovan.

The ultimate prankster who disguises himself as the perfect student (at least he did in high school.)

He was also the first boy who broke my heart, not that anyone but my college friends knows that.

When he first approached me at the airport, I thought it was simply so he could rub it in my face how perfect his life is—he still has a job after all, unlike me. But no, he’s part of my hiking group.

How am I supposed to have a clear head when he’s around? How am I supposed to figure out my life and plan out my next career steps if I’m worried about which pranks Jack is going to pull? Because while most people know him as the perfect, straight-A student, I know him better than that. And I kind of hate him for ruining the end of high school.

So what if it’s been six years? Instead of my relaxing, mind-clearing hike, it’s game on. And this time, I’m going to win. Even if it means throwing out all of my well-set plans.

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