Author's Spotlight 5/6/2024

Author's Spotlight 5/6/2024

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Jayna Cooper is the star mermaid performer at the Realms of Neptune theme park. The only thing she loves more than swimming in her glittering bionic tail is sharing the joy of mermaiding with children in need. If she can win the Manutai Merathlon - the first of its kind competition allowing bionic mertails - her foundation will get a much-needed boost in funding and exposure.

But Jayna’s plans run aground when her flight is canceled and she is forced to hitch a ride half-way around the world with Obsidian "Sid" Hayes, the new owner of Realms. Unfortunately, the handsome billionaire profiteer is also the topper she soaked with her trademark Bionic Cannonball the day he bought the park.

Sid’s attraction to the gorgeous redhead who drenched him and his transition team is a complication he doesn't need, and he is determined to ignore his growing interest as they travel together to Manutai. After all, she works at one of his companies, and his reputation score is still recovering from a prior employee relationship disaster.

But Jayna's beauty, humor, and generosity prove irresistible, and he's lured by her siren song - even though she may well leave him broken on the rocks.


Julia can’t remember marrying billionaire Grant Harrington.
But she can remember kissing his son.

Grant Harrington has just negotiated an extended contract—another year with his wife.

Julia has agreed to stay and become CEO of Harrington Global while Grant runs for Senate. This should be cause for celebration. But the mysterious DG Industries are still lurking in the shadows, and Julia’s got them in her sights.

When she witnesses a meeting between two of DG’s major players, she’s stunned by the identity of one in particular.

It seems not even Harrington House is free from those determined to bring Grant and his billion-dollar empire down. And if his daughter Sierra is caught in the crossfire …

But before Julia can act, her memory is wiped in an accident. How can the amateur sleuth catch a criminal if she can only remember one thing?

That one thing?

A tender kiss … only, it’s not from her husband.

Grant is a man of decision.
So when will he open up about his true feelings?
With Julia, though, things are … complicated.


When a loner suddenly discovers he has a son, he turns to the one person he can trust. The woman he’s secretly loved for years—his best friend’s younger sister.

Rye Costello’s a loner whose rough childhood makes him reluctant to trust anyone. But his solitude ends when a strange woman shows up on his doorstep and tells him he has a son. A son he never knew existed.

When the little boy is left with him, Rye calls one person he can trust—Moira McIntyre, his best friend’s younger sister. She’s a great mom, and the perfect person to teach a panicky new dad the ropes.

Moira’s having a rough time herself. After a wrenching divorce, her world has been her two kids, but they’re spending the month with their father. Helping Rye and his little boy is the perfect distraction to keep her from dwelling on regrets...until being near Rye stirs feelings she thought were long ago forgotten.

With her help, Rye starts to think he’s getting a handle on this dad thing. His chances with Moira look good, too. She’s the one who got away. Now that she’s free, he’d gladly trade his solitude for a future with her. Until Moira’s ex tries to push himself back into her life and ghosts from Rye’s past threaten his determination to keep his little boy.

Now he stands to lose both his son and the love of his life.

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