Author's Spotlight 5/28/2024

Author's Spotlight 5/28/2024

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Can a date for hire become the love of a lifetime?

When Emma Sinclair's younger sister announces her engagement, Emma is determined not to face the wedding alone. With a plan to hire a plus one, she's ready to find the perfect date.

Carlos Gonzalez dreams of leaving his firefighter days behind to open a custom body shop. To make his dream a reality, he moonlights as a date for hire, offering companionship with no strings attached.

When Emma hires Carlos to be her wedding date, their connection is electric. Amid the celebration, they discover a deeper bond. But Carlos faces the ultimate challenge—proving that his feelings for Emma are authentic and not just part of the job.



The Deeper the Roots, The Darker the Secrets.

Malachi James and Cate Garrison come together in Pennsylvania’s Worlds End State Park with a shared mission to protect three innocent bear cubs.

Their efforts bring them into conflict with Jade, a cult Malachi’s father founded and his mother embraced. The society poses a serious risk to both their mission and their lives.

As they fight for justice, their feelings for each other grow and their faith deepens shedding light into the darkest corners of their histories.

Confronted with his mother’s schemes and his father's past misdeeds, Malachi faces crucial decisions. The ancient forest serves as a backdrop for the personal battles he and Cate endure.


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