Author's Spotlight 5/21/2024

Author's Spotlight 5/21/2024

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She's struggling. He's looking for something to be passionate about. Can they rescue each other?

Kleine had been in the water practically since birth, rescuing sea life alongside her family. Now the family seaquarium was in danger of being lost forever. When a mermaid appeared one day, everything threatened to change. Or, was it just the sun playing tricks on her? She has to do something, but what?

Dalton had been doing what all Hawthornes did- work in the company businesses. He wanted more, he searched for it more, which made him look like he was lost to a life of floundering to his brother, until one day his passion was ignited when he happens upon a girl and a dolphin. Will he embrace what fate has put before him?

Will their completely different worlds allow them to save each other or will it push them apart?



Shenanigans galore as the Hastings grandchildren trick Jethro and Melanie into telling their love story.

Fifty years of marriage and raising five children in the family business is a big deal and the children want a special celebration for Jethro (Grampa) and Melanie (Grammie) Hastings. Abbie Hastings Harmon sets up a competition to get the eight oldest grandchildren to record the grandparent’s love story.

Come learn with the children as they learn how Jethro and Melaine met and fell in love and why they moved to Chicago. And in the end, will the prize really matter?



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