Author's Spotlight 5/14/2024

Author's Spotlight 5/14/2024

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Small-town Iowa? Not for this big-city attorney. Too bad his plans for a quick exit are mired by the girl next door.

Lottie: I have no time to waste on glass-half-empty people. My daughter and I have had enough of that in our lives, thank you very much. So when my neighbor’s grumpy son arrives in my hometown, turning his nose up at every Iowa corner, it’s no skin off of my back. But I can’t help teasing him. It’s sooo easy to ruffle his feathers. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes. Win win.

Anthony: My plan? Three weeks in Podunkville, Iowa until my mom recovers from her stroke. Then back to Atlanta. Civilization. My upcoming promotion to senior lawyer. I have no interest in forming any attachments in Red Rock Place. Even if my new next-door neighbor and her spunky daughter are a daily dose of sunshine I never knew my life was missing.

But then there’s the matchmaking. The fake date that isn’t really fake. The cake explosion. Oh, and the cow. (
Really, God? We could have skipped that one…) Let’s just say, things are not going according to my plan.



When they visit home to help their parents, these best friends might find their own happily ever after.

 Amber left Huckleberry Springs, Washington, with a checklist for the perfect life:

Go to college and graduate with a degree. Check.

Get married. Check.

Have two amazing daughters. Check.

Have her marriage fall apart, and get divorced?... Check.

Unfortunately, that last one was never on Amber’s “perfect life” checklist. Now, she’s back in Huckleberry Springs under the guise of helping her sick father. Which, she does, but Amber also hopes to rebuild her perfect life while in town. When her best friend happens to be visiting home at the same time, Amber is more confident than ever that her new plan will work.

 Caleb, now a single parent as well, finds himself back in Huckleberry Springs to help his mother sell her house. Well, that and to surprise his childhood best friend, Amber. When Amber asks for Caleb’s help in organizing a large event, he readily agrees. Little does Caleb know that his feelings for his best friend are about to take a complicated turn.

 Amber and Caleb have always loved one another, but they’ve never been “in love.” Could this visit home make all of that change?



A wounded veteran who walks by faith. A traumatized woman struggling with hers.

Running from secrets that could bury her, Eliza Pierce has traveled cross-country for her fresh start. But a threatening letter left in her mailbox less than a week later throws her back into the flames of her past.

Former Army Ranger Lance Knight may have been discharged from duty, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less a soldier. As the owner of a private security firm, he’s fought plenty of battles stateside.

When someone makes an attempt on Eliza’s life, it’s Lance she turns to. And despite a first impression that left both of them wanting nothing to do with the other, he agrees to help…even if it means trading his own life for hers.

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