Author-s-Spotlight-4-9-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 4/9/2024

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Includes four standalone books that follow a group of friends who are intertwined in each other’s stories. While you could read them in any order, I suggest reading them in chronological order:

#1 Second Chance Weekend (Rylee + Aiden)

Stuck in a snowstorm with my secret crush from college. His charm has me questioning everything.

Aiden unexpectedly reenters my life. I haven’t seen him since he went into the military. I'm faced with a decision – to leave the life I've built and take a chance with Aiden or stay on this career path and become a cat lady with my best friends.

#2 Stuck With My Ex Forever (Darcy + Eric)

A free-spirited fashion designer. A brooding financier. A business deal that brings them back together.

Eric, my ex-boyfriend from college, was the last person I expected to walk through the door. Working side-by-side, memories flood and old feelings resurface. His quiet, reserved demeanor clashes with my sassy self. And yet, when we’re thrown together, we complement each other perfectly. But a deal that could change everything threatens to tear us apart. I’m faced with a choice – trust him with my heart (and my company) or lose him forever.

#3 Guilty of Falling for My Boss (Alexa + Trent)

Age Gap? Check. Off-Limits? Definitely. Second Chance? I hope so.

The minute I saw Alexa in the café, all those feelings came rushing back. She’s smart, sassy, and more beautiful than I remember. With a twist of fate, now I’m her boss. As we tackle the case of a lifetime, we’re not just fighting for justice in the courtroom; we’re battling our own attraction. But I can't ignore the chemistry that simmers between us. I never thought I’d have a shot at love with Alexa. I need to convince her that our love is a case worth fighting for. The courtroom may have rules, but the heart? That’s a territory of its own.

#4 Crushing on My Best Friend's Brother (Darlene + Max)

My organized life unravels when my best friend’s brother waltzes back into my life.

Years ago, my dreams centered around Max. But he left to pursue his music career and never looked back. Now, our careers collide and I‘m stuck working on a destination wedding with him. Just when my heart is opening to him, Max is offered the chance of a lifetime. Haunted by the past of him leaving before, I fear history will repeat itself. He says he wants to stay, but I question whether I can trust him with my heart.
After all they’ve endured, can their love survive?

Cristina flees her family's farm so she won't be forced to wed a rich landowner.
Ingvar longs to return to the West, but he’s wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Cristina escapes a rich man's henchman when he attacks, then strangles her. Pressing his thumbs into her flesh, he promises. If she marries the wealthy landowner, Old Calomel will make her more than his wife. She'll share all his riches. One little catch: he needs an heir. Very soon. Cristina struggles madly, escaping to hide in the woods. There she learns that a nearby Lakota village will hide her.

Ingvar, in the village, is immediately attracted to her. He’s visiting his Lakota friends and their doctor. When the Battle of Gettysburg ended, all his medical care stopped. Now he relies on the Lakota. Seeing for himself how Cristina lives on charity, eating and sleeping outdoors, he promises to help her.
His Army friend, James, stays for now with his family in Gettysburg. Powerful people, they'd understand and help her. James and he were stationed out West, living in the wide open countryside.

Cristina knows deep down that she trusts Ingvar, no matter what happens. Filled with hope, they return to James. Will a new life open for them? When will their love ripen into marriage? Who would separate them?
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