Author's Spotlight 4/30/2024

Author's Spotlight 4/30/2024

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Rule #3: Avoid horridly handsome exes at all costs!

Sawyer Lanford. A man who challenged my upbringing and whose ring I planned to wear someday.

Until he ended things with a whole lot of nothing as an explanation.

Brokenhearted, I picked up the pieces, put Sawyer behind me, and vowed to never be duped by a man again. A year later, Sawyer is back and he's not the same guy. Those heart-melting eyes shoot daggers my way, and the smile I once loved is really more of a sneer.

But when I find out the truth behind our breakup, it becomes the force that might heal our broken hearts, or deepen the rift between us until it's impossible to fix.


How did I end up playing the fake fiancé to a woman I just met? Well, it all started with a trip. A guilt trip.

My family is wacky. And way too involved in my love life. So, when my sister demands I bring my fiancée to her wedding, there's only one problem . . . she doesn’t exist.
Who better to play the role of my future bride than the woman who nearly kicked my bucket?
Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Evie is gorgeous, accomplished, and funny.
The plan? We’ll learn everything we can about each other, then ‘break things off’ a few weeks after the wedding.
Except . . .

The line between reality and make-believe is getting blurrier.
I can’t stop thinking about Evie. Actually, I can think of little else.
Her laughter is contagious. Our fake kisses feel real.
Maybe if we keep practicing—a lot—we’ll pull this whole love thing off.

For real.


An offer she can't refuse...

Gwen and Franklin are both skeptics when it comes to love, but more pressingly, she is in horrible debt, and he has an escalating, matchmaking grandmother.

A paid "dating" gig would solve both of their problems, but comes with complications—like what happens if a daring rescue, an unexpected friendship, a dangerous wedding date, and helping each other dodge old exes turns one of these two fakers into a believer?

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