Author's Spotlight 4/23/2024

Author's Spotlight 4/23/2024

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Still reeling from the unexpected death of her husband of twenty-six years, Lizzie Wentworth is shocked to discover the depleted state of their finances.

She needs to make a decision quickly and at forty-five years old, change doesn’t come easy.

Her three adult children are very supportive, but there are still difficult decisions looming ahead for her.

To make matters worse, she receives a phone call from her Aunt, that her beloved grandmother has passed away.

She makes a phone call to her four sisters to let them know of Gram’s passing. When they all meet for Gram's funeral at the large beach house on Martha’s Vineyard, for Lizzie it feels like coming home.

Lizzie and her sisters were raised by Grandfather and Grandmother Stafford after her parents died in a boating accident when she was only eleven years old.

Being back on the Island together again, forces Lizzie to see how much her and her sisters have fallen apart over the years. And their conversations lead to more unspoken secrets and unsolved mysteries.

When Lizzie unexpected runs into her old high school boyfriend, Jonathan Brookes, she is bewildered as feelings that she thought long dead, begin to be revived.

Another surprise is waiting, when Gram's lawyer announces that Lizzie has inherited the large old beach cottage along the waterfront. As the sisters must unravel the mysteries of their grandmother's final wishes, but as they do, they uncover long-buried family secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

As Lizzie begins to dream of starting her own inn, fear and doubt creeps in. Will she be able to start this new business idea with the small amount of money left? Will she be able to endure living so close to the one man she loved and lost?

I swore off America's No. 1 grumpy playboy.
Until he asks me to be his wife and makes me an offer I can’t resist.

Billionaire CEO Ethan Everhart is my brother’s best friend and was my secret teenage crush.
His smoldering eyes left me breathless when we were younger.

Until I discovered what a player he was. I vowed to stay away from him.
But now he makes me an offer I can’t refuse:
Become his wife for one year.

He’ll inherit his empire. Then he’ll rescue my company.
There’s only one rule: No feelings allowed.

Locking my heart away from the gorgeous grump should be easy.
Especially when he only sees me as his best friend’s annoying little sister.
But the way his fingers intertwine with mine steals the air from my lungs. I'm falling harder than ever before.

I can't risk my heart to a man who doesn’t believe in love.
And when his lips brush against mine, I’m not sure if he’s playing by the rules …

Five best friends, the trip of a lifetime, and a fateful event that changes their lives forever…

Ten years after a traumatic vacation, 34-year-old Juniper Saige is convinced she has no use for love. After all, there’s no guarantee of tomorrow, let alone a lasting relationship. Moving back to Lantern Cove and taking over The Sweetest Thing bakery from her eccentric mother, she tells herself she’s content.

But when two of her best friends make a surprise visit on a birthday she’d sooner ignore, she’s caught off-guard. She’s even more stunned that they’ve invited local lawyer and charming neighbor, Everett, to join the celebrations. It’s obvious to them, even if not to Juniper, that he’d happily be more than her friend.

As she slowly opens her heart to new possibilities, her mom makes a dramatic announcement that leaves Juniper reeling.

And when things take a turn for the worse, Juniper realizes she needs Everett more than ever.

Could it be the start of her new beginning?

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