Author-s-Spotlight-4-16-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 4/16/2024

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She’s a widow mourning her Navy SEAL husband. He’s her husband’s best friend and has been in love with her for years. Can a marriage of convenience turn into a real relationship?

Meredith always knew that marrying a Navy SEAL might mean becoming a widow before turning thirty. But when her husband John unexpectedly dies after leaving the military, she’s left with two failing businesses, a mountain of debt, and a broken heart. At least she has Sawyer, her husband’s loyal best friend, to help her pick up the pieces of her life.

Sawyer has loved Meredith since long before she married his best friend—not that he’s ever let his feelings show. He’d never come between Meredith and John’s happy marriage, but when his best friend dies, everything changes. Suddenly Sawyer is putting his dating life on hold to help Meredith figure out how to move on alone.

When Meredith finds out she’s pregnant with twins and it’s high risk only a few weeks after the funeral, she’s terrified of raising two babies alone. But Sawyer makes her an offer she can’t refuse—marry him so that they can raise John’s children together. As Meredith battles her grief, Sawyer’s battling his own—while also trying to hide his feelings from Meredith. Can a marriage of convenience between friends turn into a real relationship?

She thinks he's arrogant, he believes she's unprofessional--but their first impressions couldn't be more wrong.

Alayna Sullivan is one of the hardest workers at the corporate office of Rolland Myers. Every boss she’s ever had praised her for her exemplary work ethic. But that all changes when she meets her new supervisor, Jasper Garrison, on his first day at the office. Her casual attire lands her in hot water, earning her a reprimand for violating the company's dress code.

When Jasper Garrison moves to Los Angeles to take on the role of supervisor, he’s intent on proving himself. He believes Alayna has received more favoritism than she deserves, and he decides to rectify the situation.

As tensions simmer between them, the vice president of the company sends Alayna and Jasper to a team-building conference. Forced into close proximity, they grow to admire each other, and their feelings begin to change. They must navigate the fine line between professionalism and the desire for a relationship they can never have.

Will they give in to their feelings or will they let fear dictate their actions?

When Miss Margaret Andrews travels to the future to find her missing sister, she never expected to find true love. In 1819 England, Margaret is a bluestocking with dreams of becoming an inventress, but when the Tallit, a magical time-travel shawl, goes awry she finds herself stranded in 21st Century Manhattan. Laying low among attendees of a Jane Austen conference, she meets handsome grad student Stewart Russell, but he is a wanted man due to a mix-up, and the clock is ticking. Can she find a way to get them both back to the past -- before the unthinkable happens?
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