Author-s-Spotlight-3-26-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 3/26/2024

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A woman bound by duty and debt.
A man who doubts his worth.

After tragedy broke her family, Laramee fled her family’s once beloved Colorado ranch. But the news that her ailing parents are considering selling the place lures her home after five bitter years.

Jamie Cannon spent a decade redeeming himself from the mistakes of his youth. As a successful partner in his family's real estate business, he's back on solid ground. If only his worried parents believed it too.

When Jamie needs an escape from the Denver social scene, the Stone’s request for an appraisal of their remote ranch gives him the perfect excuse to get away. But Laramee Stone is as determined to drive this paper pusher off her family’s property as Jamie is dedicated to fulfilling his assignment. The two eventually agree to a truce for the sake of the Stone’s financial future, but as Laramee and Jamie work together, they reveal glimpses into the tragedies that destroyed their pasts. In one another’s company, old hurts heal, and they feel whole.

But ex-fiancé Sutton is back. This man, who saved Laramee and her parents after tragedy struck, wants Jamie gone and Laramee back. Sutton discovers Jamie’s past and reminds him of his failings, leaving Jamie with two critical questions he must answer before he can tell Laramee how he feels—

Could Jamie’s past baggage threaten Laramee’s happiness?
And is he the better man for Laramee Stone?

They were best friends in high school.
Sort of.
Could they be something more now?

The last place Nate had ever thought he’d hear Val’s voice again was at a gallery stroll in Boise, Idaho.
Yet here she was. Vibrant red hair, beautiful smiling face, and her lips stretched in a laugh.
He couldn’t look away—he’d always loved her laugh—and he moved toward her as if in a dream.
Val’s breath caught in her throat. She hadn’t seen Nate since they’d graduated. Since he’d taken someone else to prom. That had been messy.
Why was he here? Had he come to see her, the art, or had Fate drawn them together again? Only one way to find out.
Can Nate and Val overcome their blunders of the past and soar into their future, or will their old mistakes come back to haunt them and drive them apart?
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