Author-s-Spotlight-2-6-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 2/6/2024

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Someone is trying to ruin Lizzy’s wedding.

Lizzy, the beloved secret obituary writer of Cutlip, Montana, has planned every detail of her spring wedding to Jackson, her detective fiancé.

Just as Lizzy hits Enter to confirm the last details of her wedding plans, she receives a strange email demanding that she quit her job as the town’s secret obituary writer or her wedding will be a disaster.

Will Lizzy be forced to surrender the job she loves? Can she and Jackson catch this crazy hacker in time? And what will become of their dream wedding?


 Nine hundred miles. Eight days. Two egos.

The last place Kate Porter ever thought she’d end up was in a car with her boss, driving down the Oregon Coast. He’s handsome and knows it, socially charming to a fault, and just took the job she felt was rightfully hers out from under her.

Luca Banks thought he’d broken through Kate’s cool exterior, but when he’s promoted to company president (thank you, Grandpa!), Kate goes from subtly aloof to being a downright grump. The polar opposite of Luca’s fun-loving ways, Kate has never really taken him seriously. Now Luca is determined to prove to her and to himself that he has what it takes to lead the company.

Throw in becoming stranded with a broken-down car, one bed, and karaoke, keeping things simple and professional isn’t really an option. If the office betting pool is any indication, they’re either going to fall in love or end up in jail.


Being matched isn’t for the faint of heart. Especially after the relationship train wreck I’ve been through.

After a rough year, both in relationships and her career, Kenzie Sullivan has sworn off dating and decided to take the self-employment route. She never thought it would lead her to landing Trey Hatch, her longtime crush, as a client. She tries to keep life separate, but Trey keeps worming his way through every wall she puts up, giving her a sliver of hope that something could happen between them.

Trey is ready to share his busy hockey life with someone. When his agent sets him up to be part of a matchmaking docuseries, he’s not sure that’s the way to find love. But after spending time with Kenzie, and convincing her to try the matchmaking app again, he’s hoping she’ll be one of his matches.

As their relationship progresses, will they stay friends or take things to the next level?

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