Author-s-Spotlight-2-27-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 2/27/2024

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Felicity Hartford is a workaholic single mom who refuses to take time out for herself. But when her two meddling besties decide to take her hostage and force her to accompany them to the slopes for a girls’ weekend away, she has no choice but to go along with their plan.

Alden Beaumont, a famous snowboarder and skateboarder, is still recovering from the fallout of a bogus lawsuit with his ex, which left his public image in tatters. After deciding to hire a PR agent to rework his image in time for a big competition, he takes a time-out at his family’s lodge in Lake Tahoe. But rescuing the woman of his dreams on the ski lift wasn’t at all in his plans.

And Felicity has rules. Only three days. Only kissing. No last names. No exchanging phone numbers when it’s over.

Given little choice but to agree, Alden soaks up his three days with the woman he’s sure he’s falling for, promising himself he’ll scour the entire country to find her when the mess with his reputation is over.

It’s only when he returns to real life on Monday and meets the new PR agent that he realizes he won’t need to look very far after all. If only she wasn’t pretending they’d never met.


Love never quits believing.

When Russell moves back home to Texas, he wonders if he has a chance with his best friend, Serena. They never dated when they were growing up together since she only dated sports stars, and he was a bookish nerd. He’s worried that he’s still not exciting enough for her. When he’s finally honest with Serena about his feelings for her, she doesn’t respond right away. At what point should he give up? Will their deep friendship be enough for them now that they’re older.

Serena knows what she wants and fears she can’t have it. How could she ever deserve to end up with Russell? Now that he’s back in town, she must keep her heart closed off to him until she can prove that she fits in with his billionaire family.

While Russell waits for Serena to be honest about her feelings for him, he makes a plan of his own.


Escape into a captivating story of love, adventure, and second chances with "The Billionaire's Reluctant Bride" - the heartwarming romance novel perfect for fans of Christian fiction.

After a teenage love pact, childhood friends Zachary Williams and Addison reunite years later. Determined to start a family, Zach turns to Addison and offers her a deal she can't refuse. What starts as a simple arrangement quickly turns into a whirlwind of romance and adventure when they find themselves stranded on Zach's private island. As they face the challenges of island life together, they rediscover a deep connection that goes beyond their friendship.

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