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Author's Spotlight 2/20/24

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They grew up together, then they grew apart. Now they’re both back at the ranch trying to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.

After enduring a traumatic assault, Riley Winters seeks refuge at her childhood home, the Double Diamond. She soon learns there are some things you can’t hide from, including the feelings she once had for her best friend.
Ranch hand Daniel Hamilton has made a string of bad choices. Staying close to the ranch is the only thing that keeps him sober. When the woman he has loved his whole life suddenly shows up at the ranch again, he faces a whole new set of challenges. It doesn’t help that Riley has a panic attack every time he gets close.

When Riley’s attacker catches up to her, both are forced to face their demons. Demons that might tear them apart once and for all.

Trigger Warning: Love Rebranded is a clean and wholesome romance, however, it deals with sexual assault and alcohol addiction. Though not graphic, the discussion of some events may trigger sensitive readers.


Sebastian Tate’s a hot, grumpy boss trying to push his company to the next level... and in a comedy of errors not even Shakespeare could write, I'm now his assistant.

My theater history career goals might seem odd to some, but hey, life’s too short not to follow your dreams. Still, when my beloved beachside theater is deemed unsafe and I lose my job, my brother calls in a favor. I have no choice but to work as Sebastian’s executive assistant.

Sebastian is grouchy and demanding—too handsome for his own good. Haunted by the past, he can’t risk a relationship with anyone.

I’ll be going back home to California soon, anyway. My whole life is there. Keeping things professional between us will be no problem.

But when he accepts my help to fine tune the company’s charitable efforts, our long working hours become even longer. Suddenly, I have a front-row seat to another side of him. The man’s dedication to his family is charming. His frosty demeanor? Slowly melting. His unlikely kindness? Making me wonder if love isn’t just for poets.

Except, I don’t want to fall for him. I really don’t.

Can someone please tell my heart that?


All she wants is a second chance at love... And a beachside bookstore in Nantucket...

In the picturesque shores of Nantucket, Karen Mitchell discovers that life's greatest treasures often lie hidden beneath its toughest challenges. When her husband Joseph faces a daunting diagnosis, Karen's world is turned upside down, forcing her to confront her deepest desires and dreams long put aside.

Amidst the storm, Karen finds solace in the support of newfound friends who ignite a spark of determination within her. With their encouragement, she dares to chase after her lifelong dream of owning a beachside bookstore, embracing the possibility of a second chance at love along the way. As Karen navigates the tumultuous waves of uncertainty, a family secret emerges, reshaping her journey in unexpected ways for everyone...

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