Author-s-Spotlight-2-13-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 2/13/2024

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 Book 1 -- It’s Not Like It’s a Secret

I’m freakishly tall. When 96% of the male population is shorter than I am, dating does not come easy. After my last (and only) boyfriend broke my heart, I have no intention of dating anyone. Not even my best friend and coworker, Theo.

It doesn’t matter that he’s taller than me. Or that his laugh makes my skin pebble in goosebumps, and his smile brightens even the dullest of days. Repeat after me: I am happy in the friend zone.

It’s Not Like It’s a Secret is a sweet workplace romance with best friends to lovers and is perfect for readers who love swoony while keeping the action clean and wholesome.

Book 2 -- It’s Not Like It’s Fate

I’ve been in love with my brother’s best friend since I was twelve years old. He was twenty-three. Now Aaron’s back in the city and he’s only improved with age. He’s unpredictable and a danger to my heart. I have no desire to be crushed by unrequited love. My plan: avoid, avoid, avoid.

He’s not following the same plan.

It’s Not Like It’s Fate is a brother’s best friend sweet romance with an age gap. It’s perfect for readers who love humor mixed in with weightier topics and romantic sizzle that doesn’t go beyond kissing.

Book 3 -- It’s Not Like It’s Real

To say that my neighbor, Conrad Beck, and I got off on the wrong foot is an understatement. Whenever I look at him, I’m reminded of the humiliating experience of being caught in my underwear burning a grilled cheese sandwich. I’m positive every time he looks at me, he remembers how I almost burned down the duplex we share.

Is there more to this man than my first impressions led me to believe? An emphatic yes. The real question becomes, how do I resist falling in love when we’ve both agreed to be nothing more than friends?


If Porter had as much success in love as he did everywhere else in his life, he could finally settle down. When his best friend, Jeanine, becomes a permanent fixture on his mind, he’s ready to go all in. But when she treats him as nothing more than a plus-one, Porter determines to move on altogether.

After a lifetime of pinching pennies, things are finally turning around for Jeanine. She’s days away from owning the town bar she’s always wanted and her mom’s cancer is in remission. Next up, she’s ready to work on her heart. Her ex crushed it to pieces, but her best friend is excellent at fixing everything, and she’s ready to put all her trust in him.

Suddenly, life changes overnight. Everything that seemed important is not. She’s never really had a relationship with God, but now she needs His guidance more than ever.

When she reaches out to Porter for backup, he’s not there this time. Has she missed her chance? Or will Porter and Jeanine take one more shot at love?


California Dreaming

Erika Watts loves the finer things in life and works hard at her real estate business to afford them. Mark Baxter turned his back on a career in Silicon Valley to pursue his passion for art.

But each of them has a vested interest in the success of the town’s annual festival. It will help her win a prestigious award and help him get his paintings in front of the right eyes.

When a benefactor insists they co-chair the event, can they stop looking down their noses at each other long enough to stage a winner?

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