Author-s-Spotlight-1-9-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 1/9/2024

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Second chances aren’t as easy as they sound. And when you fall in love with your best friend . . . it might be better to forget.

When it comes to romance between Brynn and her best friend, Mic, she pretends it never happened. Which if it had been up to her, it never would have. Mic was her family, so why is her heart going crazy anytime he's around.

At the end of six years of musical training, Brynn's back home . . . for a funeral. The circumstances are terrible but seeing her old friends stirs a nostalgia that roots her feet solidly in the ground of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She just needs a job and to smooth over the way she left things with Mic. And that means not falling in love.

When Brynn re-appeared in their small town, Mic's world turned upside down. He hadn’t forgotten anything about her no matter that he'd been trying for six years. He knew the tone of her voice, the way she laughed, and how it felt when she broke his heart.

His only comfort was that she was only here for a weekend. Then she'd take her self-absorbed, honest, creative, and too good looking self back to Chicago or Italy or wherever she was going next and things would go back to normal. Except she stayed.

Working together, Brynn and Mic discover hidden talents and emotions that force them to face the feelings they've both been trying to forget, and slowly they start building a bridge of trust and memory between their hearts. But Brynn has a secret...


Is there anything worse than having to eat humble pie? I think not.

I've spent my life proving I can keep up with anything, particularly men with egos too big for their heads. There's nothing quite as satisfying as being the best.

it's almost as nice as my trail runs and sunrise jogs along the beach. So when my favorite running buddy starts to show his age, the first thing I do is take him to the closest veterinarian.

Too bad it's my high school nemesis. Double too bad...he's even more handsome than he was when we were teenagers. He's put raging rhinos through my stomach since we were younger, and at one point, I was ecstatic when he kissed me until I didn't know up from down.

But seeing him kiss the most popular girl in school less than twenty-four hours later...taught me a very important lesson. The best place for any guy is far behind you on the race track.

Now I just need to get through the next few weeks without acting like a raging teenager fangirl, because the only reason I'm seeing Dr. Ryan Thatcher is because he's taking care of my best boy. That's it. It has nothing to do with his blinding smile, his ability to make my dog melt at his feet, or the fact that we share a love of the outdoors. Nope. Nada. It can't. I won't let it. I learned my lesson once, I don't need to be taught again.


This Christmas, a second chance could kindle a love truly worth the fight.

Everything Jetta Carter has worked and expected for her life should be coming together. Instead, in one especially unfortunate evening, it all falls apart. Her career as a budding artist skids to a halt, her boyfriend betrays her, and the rumors start to fly. Needing a break from the disappointment, Jetta keeps her head high as she packs up her things and lugs her guilt with her to Peppermint Hollow.

A lone wolf doesn’t need anyone, and that’s exactly who Maverick Blackwell is. Even when he’s reintroduced to the newly arrived Jetta, he tries to maintain his stony demeanor as a safety precaution for his bruised and battered heart. It’s futile. Jetta is captivating from her headstrong demeanor to her teasing smirk. It doesn’t take long for Maverick to wish he could meet her under the mistletoe.

Maverick is determined to show Jetta how fiercely he can love a woman, but she has a secret that makes her balk. Unless he can get her to open her heart and give love a second chance, both of them might be in for a lonely Christmas.

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