Author-s-Spotlight-1-30-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 1/30/2024

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Clean Regency Romance 

In "Discovering The Lady," Lady Charlotte Norrington faces the daunting prospect of securing her family's future amidst the glittering but treacherous waters of Regency London's high society. Tasked with marrying well, Charlotte's world is upended when she becomes entangled with Anthony, the enigmatic Duke of Banbury. As they navigate a landscape rife with gossip, duty, and unexpected romance, Charlotte grapples with the complexities of her heart. Will she choose a path of convenience or dare to follow her heart? This tale of love, honor, and societal expectations weaves a captivating story of a woman discovering her true self and the unpredictable dance of love.



Childhood best friends estranged by a mistake. Can love prevail now that they're all grown up?

Growing up as American expats in Chile, Tyler Abernathy and his best friend, Gemma, were practically inseparable. So he was crushed the day his family moved back to the States, and she refused to say goodbye. When she shows up on his doorstep seven years later, he can't believe his good luck. Maybe this could be a fresh start to their friendship. The only problem? She wants nothing to do with him.

The last person Gemma Schalk expects to see after moving to Buena Hills is Tyler, the childhood friend who broke her heart. Determined to prevent him from hurting her again, she does her best to avoid him, even as her beloved grandmother tries to set them up. But when a health scare lands Gram in the hospital, Gemma reluctantly turns to him, the one familiar face in a town full of strangers.

Can they let go of old hurts and discover their true feelings? Or are the secrets of the past too difficult to overcome?



A sheep in a custody battle. Potato missiles. An unexpected housemate. Sometimes disaster is the door to serendipity.

Disaster strikes and Sarah is forced to move out of her apartment into a client’s farmhouse while she awaits repairs. She has it all to herself … until the day she comes home and sees a stranger in her kitchen. And she’s stuck with him despite her deadly aim with a potato.

With nowhere else to go, Sarah and Wyatt must work together to dodge the common enemy, Alicia. She’s determined to get custody of Malachi, the farm’s resident sheep, and she isn’t afraid to make life hard for everyone.

But as their relationship begins to blossom, Wyatt is blindsided by a terrible secret that explodes into life, threatening to tear them apart.

Can they survive the revelation that has him questioning everything about who he is? Will they get their happy ending, or will Sarah be left with a broken heart?

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