Author-s-Spotlight-1-23-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 1/23/2024

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 Ten strangers. Six days in paradise. One unforgettable Christmas.

Hailey Walsh has always loved Christmas, and this year the holiday was supposed to be the most magical of all, spent with her large family and her fiancé in preparation for their wedding just two days after. Then Gage broke their engagement.

Now, instead of playing in the snow with her nieces and nephews, Hailey’s building a playground with children she’s never met before, spending her Christmas with strangers in Hawaii, on a service program she hopes will lift her spirits and help her begin to pick up the broken pieces of her life and heart.

Gage Stevens didn’t want to spend Christmas in Hawaii any more than he wanted to break his engagement, but sometimes fate has a way of slamming a guy against a wall and forcing him to tough decisions— for the good of others, be that his ex-fiancée or his mom. And while he’s certain that no ocean breeze or tropical wonderland can heal what’s wrong, one glimpse at a familiar head of red hair and Gage realizes fate may not be done with him yet.


ALERT: This closed-door romantic comedy contains mild language and references to alcohol.

When the woman of my dreams finally becomes available, all bets are off.

I lost a bet to my older brother. My evil, life-ruining older brother and now I can’t go on a date for FOUR months. I can’t even touch a woman. No hand holding. Forget kissing.

I’m walking the straight and narrow (AKA dateless and lonely) just fine. Until my best friend (the woman I’ve been pining over since college) gets her heart broken.

How can I say no to those big, gorgeous blue eyes when she asks me to fly to Vermont to attend her sister’s Christmas wedding with her? As her fake boyfriend.

Yeah, all bets are off. (Don’t tell my brother).

It’ll be easy… pretend to be my best friend’s boyfriend without holding her, kissing her, or falling even more in love than I already am.

But when we end up having to share a room at her family’s cabin, the line between real and fake becomes very blurry…and very tempting.


Can two imperfect pasts lead to a perfect future?

The cramped kitchen at her Heart's Haven apartment isn't exactly an ideal space for Traci Stanton to make her dream of becoming a respected wedding baker come true. To add insult to injury, her handsome yet reckless new neighbor, Dylan, destroys the peace with his ever-present explosion of event music as he tweaks playlists for his DJ business.

A former Navy SEAL recovering from a mission gone awry, Dylan Jones has no desire to live with boundaries or to take orders from anyone--ever again. If only Traci would quit distracting him with the aroma of her sweet confections and lilting voice singing hymns as she works. Dylan has no place for the God who let him down in battle.

Will the two find a way to join together, or will Dylan's past destroy all they have?

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