Author-s-Spotlight-1-2-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 1/2/2024

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He loves Christmas more than Will Ferrell. She dreads the holidays more than listening to jingle bells on repeat.

I recently became a full-time project manager at the architecture firm where I interned. My college days are over, and I’m dedicated to carefully constructing a more mature, sophisticated image meant to impress my employer and my new girlfriend.

There’s only one small problem. It’s the holiday season, and I’m like a toddler with a sugar high at FAO Schwarz the whole month of December.

  • An inflatable sleigh and eight tiny reindeer grace my apartment’s balcony starting the day after Thanksgiving.
  • My very own Santa suit is cleaned and ready by December 1.
  • The twelve days of Christmas are filled with baking holiday cookies and treats, including my favorite of favorites: the unjustly maligned fruitcake.

 Breezie and I haven’t been dating long, and sadly I’ve learned that she’s a big-time Grinch—worse than the green guy himself. She refuses to put up a Christmas tree or any decorations, she deplores watching Elf, and she detests fruitcake.

Then there’s also the small matter that I can’t help meddling. When I take on the makeover of Breezie’s father, I also try to transform their father-daughter relationship, which is a misstep bigger than Santa overlooking Rudolph.

What’s a guy to do? How can I keep my holiday traditions, do some family meddling, and still win over my dream girl?

Will Oliver and Breezie harmoniously navigate the holidays while finding their sleigh ride to happiness?


Will she finally get her Christmas kiss?

Year after year, I’ve watched couples fall in love at the town gazebo. After all, it’s smack dab in the middle of town and in direct sight of my family’s Christmas tree stand. I’ve seen my fair share of kisses under the mistletoe, but I’ve never been on the receiving end of one.

When a series of unfortunate events prevents my dad from running the tree farm this season, he hires Rett Edwards to step in. Rett needs a job, and my dad needs help.

For someone who grew up in this town the same as me, you’d think he would appreciate the tourist attraction and smile once in a while. But he’s cold as ice, and I’m making it my mission to melt away his grumpiness.


1840 Wyoming. At 15, Ernestine promises to marry Clem though they’ll be separated for a year. His business in Colorado demands him there but & her dying mother wants her to stay until the end. Ernestine (Nettie) & her brother Justin then join the Oregon Trail to Colorado.

There Clem’s mother angrily refuses. She wants a richer wife for him than Nettie! Someone freezes Clem’s hefty savings account & Nettie receives threats. Hoping to start anew they join a trader caravan to Oregon. Will they again be forced apart? Will they finally celebrate Christmas as husband & wife?

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