Author-s-Spotlight-1-16-2024 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author's Spotlight 1/16/2024

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Two Disappearances, One Deadly Connection.

In Philadelphia, Gavin's sister Cate goes missing, and her disappearance is linked to an enigmatic sorority invite. Gavin's search for clues takes him to Ricketts Glen State Park, where Park Ranger Samantha is investigating her own family tragedy—the unsolved disappearance of her uncle. As they piece together a complex puzzle, they unearth connections that lead them to a shadowy society operating in the area. Together, along with Gavin's brother Grayson, they find themselves entangled in a web of deceit and danger.

As threats multiply, they're forced into a deadly showdown with a clandestine organization, willing to protect its secrets at any cost. In this landscape of breathtaking beauty, alliances are tested, bonds are formed, and justice is sought.


She needs a date for the holidays. He needs to save his ranch.

Caprock Canyon is the place Stephanie Fredericks loves to be for the holidays. Except for this year, since her siblings are all married, and her mom is trying to help fate by setting her up with every single man in the valley. Since that's the last thing she wants, she hires a no-strings-attached date for the season—Kit Beckett.

Kit Beckett’s Wyoming ranch is ninety-days away from foreclosure. When one of his brothers tells him about a gal offering seven-figures for a fake date for the holidays, he doesn’t exactly jump at the chance, but with his options limited, he reluctantly agrees.

A mutually beneficial agreement. Simple, straightforward, and easy. Until it isn’t. Can Stephanie and Kit turn a short-term contract into long-term love?


Would a billionaire’s son ever fall for his maid?
Maybe in a fairytale.
But in real life? I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve always been invisible to Nash Hastings—the beautiful boy I’ve been in love with since one magical night last summer.

A night he doesn’t even remember.

Until an accidental text puts it back on his radar.

But I can’t tell him the girl he met at his family’s garden party is now a housekeeper in his family’s mansion.

Because if he knew it was me he was texting, the fairytale would be over.

I’m no princess and don’t belong in his world.

If only my heart knew its place.

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