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Author Spotlight 12/17

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Will she take him up on his offer to be her dating coach, or is having her crush help her find a future husband a little too awkward?

Tally Kerr has always been shy. And not just a little bashful. She’s the kind of shy that paralyzes her when someone she doesn’t know speaks to her. The kind that causes panic attacks when she has to go in public. Thanks to her social anxiety, she’s never even been on a date, which puts a huge damper on her dream of having a family someday. Until she meets Jake Mills, a recent divorcé with three young daughters, who hires her to be their nanny.

Being around Jake’s girls only strengthens her desire for children of her own. And being around their handsome, charming, much-older-than-her father gives her feelings she probably shouldn’t be feeling.

After learning of her nonexistent dating life, Jake volunteers to coach her on how to get past her shyness and meet new people. But is there more to his offer than meets the eye?


Dodging bullets is the easy part...dodging love is lethal.

Don’t let your first love from years ago turn out to be the assassin who killed your high-profile protectee right under your nose.

But that's exactly what happened to me, Special Agent Tessa Daniels. I thought I'd never see my handsome former flame again after he ghosted me years ago.

Until now.

When I'm assigned to safeguard CEO Elliot Wagner and he ends up mysteriously murdered, I'm driven to track down the killer. But I'm utterly shocked when the evidence reveals the assassin is none other than Remo Balotelli—the infuriatingly charming ex I swore to forget!

Turns out he didn't just ghost me, he became a ghost—a cunning operative for the notorious Assassination University.

And I let him slip right through my fingers.

Well not this time.

I refuse to let Remo evade me again. The game is on as I initiate a relentless pursuit across the globe. Yet with every near-miss, the chemistry between us ignites. I tell myself I just want to catch him... but my heart knows differently.

As a shocking conspiracy surrounding Elliot' s death unfolds, I'm forced to partner with the man who makes me simultaneously swoon and see red!


Can you find true love while pretending to be someone else?

Mackenzie Porter is at a crossroads after a humiliating encounter with her handsome boss, Cameron. To escape her embarrassment, she agrees to a twin switch with her sister Madison for the holidays.

Cameron Grant is shaken out of his comfortable routine when his favorite hostess resigns. In an out-of-character move, he tracks her down to see if he can coax her back.

Things get complicated when Cameron falls for Mackenzie. Can he convince Mackenzie that he loves her for real? Or will she believe he’s falling for her twin?

When a mutual friend suggests that Sam might be able to help, Joanna hires him on the spot. The chemistry between them is hotter than a pre-heated oven and sweeter than buttercream frosting. But the lingering grief this single dad has carried for years might be a romantic hurdle too big for either of them to overcome.

After Joanna receives dire news about her bakery, Sam must choose whether to hold onto his grief or rise to the challenge and find a way to preserve a legacy.

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