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Author's Spotlight 11/28

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Their first Christmas kiss—on a high school stage—was their last. He intends to change that.

It’s Christmastime, and Olivia Olsen has returned to her hometown of Mendon with the goal of giving back. Years ago, she sped away in a cloud of humiliation—at the insistence of her overprotective family. The last person she wants to see in Mendon is the person who not only remembers her embarrassment but who caused it: Cody Haught.

What's Cody Haught doing in her hospital? And why is he even better-looking now?

Dr. Cody Haught, bachelor surgeon at Mendon Regional Hospital, can't believe his eyes. Is the new hospital administrator actually Olivia Olsen, 
the best kiss of his life? The kiss that ruined all subsequent kisses for him?

Is this holiday season the perfect chance for Cody to see whether he imagined the intensity and perfection of the kiss he stole from Olivia on the high school stage, or will he mess up and send her running before Christmas once again?


Two old friends, a snowed in cabin, and a mission to save Creekville’s Christmas

Taylor Bixby is content running her café and watching her customers fall in love. She wouldn’t mind a little mistletoe magic herself, but the last kiss to curl her toes was from an old friend--an eggnog-fueled mistake. It’s a good thing he hasn’t been around for the four Christmases since.

She’s got her hands full overseeing the town’s most beloved holiday tradition, and she’s fine leaving Levi Taft—and the night they don’t speak of—in the past.

Until he walks into her café without warning.

Levi Taft is back in Creekville to fix what he broke four years ago. He misses his best friend too much to let their friendship fade, and he sees his chance to make things right when catastrophe threatens Taylor’s ambitious Christmas Town plans.

It’s simple. They just need to outrun the blizzard of the decade to wrangle eight grumpy rental reindeer…and escape a snowbound cabin in a forest riddled with absurd amounts of mistletoe. Oh, and restore a little boy’s faith in Santa.

Christmas needs saving, but is Taylor willing to try when it means risking her secrets for the only man to ever break her heart?


Horses, Heartstrings, and Hope: A Later-in-Life Romance

Margie, a successful Colorado realtor, finds herself looking for a change of scenery and a dash of adventure after her only daughter embarks on a missionary journey, so she heads to Redemption Ranch to fulfill a long-held dream: learning to ride horses.

Meanwhile, Chaz, having swapped his tailored suits and executive boardrooms for the 'aromatic' allure of horse manure, relishes his new life at Redemption Ranch. The retired businessman and former CEO of Freedom Mountaineering now assists his brother on the ranch, his days filled with hard work, peaceful solitude, and bittersweet memories.

When Margie arrives at Redemption Ranch, their lives intersect in the most unexpected ways. Amid horse rides and starlit conversations, they discover companionship and the tender buds of love in their twilight years.

As Margie explores this unexpected turn, will she find a love she hadn't planned for? And can Chaz see Margie as a vibrant woman with shared passions and dreams rather than simply his son's mother-in-law?

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