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Author Spotlight 11/20-11/26

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My best friend may be a bona fide prince, but I have never, even once, wanted to be his princess. I would rather kiss a rotted-out pumpkin at the Punkin' Chunkin' than kiss Hart…

Hildegarde Bittersweet is loyal to the max, responsible to a fault, and an-almost-40 year old who has put her dreams on hold long enough. She still lives in her hometown of Pumpkin Pond, New Hampshire, running her family’s maid service and making sure her Papa's dying wish comes true: to bring his Peter Pumpkin Spice into the flavor world.

Prince Harcourt "Hart" of Hedgerow is admirably kind, unfailingly thoughtful, and dodging his royal responsibilities for as long as he possibly can. He comes to Pumpkin Pond to host the Fall Ball to celebrate when his ancestors discovered the town almost 350 years ago. He also comes because of royal protocol: he must wed a wife before his 35th birthday.

At least it won’t be all drudgery and duty. His best friend Hildy will be there, his long-distance best friend for the last 25 years.

When Hart comes up with plan to avoid the tiara chasers, it includes Hildy. But unbeknownst to Hart, his country’s bylaws have changed, and he inadvertently sets into motion the one thing he has avoided his entire life: taking a wife.


She’s got a problem. And it isn’t just her tractor. Luckily, her mechanic knows a thing or two about problems …

She’s the boss of the apple orchard, but she doesn’t know a thing about growing apples. Charlie doesn’t know anything about tractors, either, so when Fergie breaks down, she’s forced to call in the mechanic.

Carlton is intrigued by the girl from the city, but before he can explore the growing connection between them, trouble whisks her away. Undeterred, he follows her, only to discover that there’s a whole lot he doesn’t know about her. Not to mention that he gets off to a bad start with her mother …

He’s way out of his league … but does it matter? Will the enigmatic city girl look twice at a mechanic from the middle of nowhere? Will it be a happy ending or a broken heart?


Their bargain could destroy the family rift he's trying to repair.

To keep her boutique store from closing its doors, Allie needs a leg-up...

Her grandparents bequeathed her cousin, Belle, their collection of valuable, antique Christmas ornaments. These vintage ornaments would fetch a high price. But convincing Belle to hand them over isn't likely. What she needs is an "in," especially since Belle is about to get married the day after Christmas.

Dating the groom's brother would do the trick.

The problem is, Bryce Holden and his brother Luke aren't on the best of terms either.

Will Allie help her cause by entering a fake relationship with him--or make things worse for them both?

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