Author-Spotlight-12-26-2023 Author Lorana Hoopes

Author Spotlight 12/26/2023

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Can a self-centered prima donna survive the trial by fire and find her own everlasting love?

Delia Campbell is abrasive, self-centered, beautiful . . . and on parole. With freedom finally in sight, she's ready to meet the man of her dreams. In Delia's world that means rich . . . very rich.

But when she finds herself back in the courtroom at the mercy of an alarmingly creative judge, Delia is tasked with helping the rich and famous in search of real happiness.

No problem. Right?

Delia is not a rule follower and her parole officer is nipping at her heels.

Enter Trevor Dawson, a handsome electrician with little patience for entitled, narcissistic Delia. Especially when she's recruiting him as an accomplice in one of her questionable schemes.

What could possibly go wrong?


Before Chris Hamerling was one of the most sought-after Big Apple bachelors, I was his first crush, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

Back in Fairfield Heights to raise my son in the quiet of the small-town, little did I know that the guy who stole a kiss from me, AKA my high school admirer, is my landlord and neighbor.

Which means we would be bumping into each other very often.

Friendship makes good neighbors doesn’t it? So, I thought. Until my resolve that handsome, wealthy men are a bad bet, slowly crumbled in view of Chris’ perfect father figure to my son.

Yet, his past weighed heavy on him, his life has too much drama. And I’m determined to show my son and the world what a strong single woman and mother looks like.

Withstanding this plan is my interfering mind as it remembers my young-self kissing Chris. I wonder if I could look past his baggage.
What would it feel like when we kiss again...


He’s my best friend’s brother. A tattooed bartender. So not my Mr. Right.
I’m the girl who has six planners, a to-do list a mile long, and a master life plan so thick, I had to buy a binder for it. Parker Manning is my opposite—and now I’m supposed to find him a match.

He’s tall, built, and gorgeous. He was America’s favorite men’s tennis pro a few years back, and he still pops up in magazines… eight-pack abs and all. Women drool over Parker. I’ve seen it happen. Repeatedly.

Should be easy to find him a wife, right? 

Now I’m stuck in this log cabin with him, pestering him for answers he won’t give. Like… Why does he keep cat treats in his pocket, if he doesn’t even own a cat? It doesn’t help that I keep thinking about that time ten years ago when we kissed…

I’m a professional matchmaker and I 
will complete my assignment. Playing tennis with Parker under the stars isn’t part of my plan. Also not in my plan? Gazing into his eyes. Flirting over coffee. Cuddling on the couch. But sometimes, even the best-laid plans turn sideways.

Or… upside down completely.

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