Author's Spotlight 6/24/2024

Author's Spotlight 6/24/2024

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Sometime love hits you at the strangest times, like on the lacrosse field.

I spend my days coaching a spirited bunch of teenage girls in lacrosse. It's challenging, but seeing their passion for the game makes it all worth it. Recently, a new girl joined our team, and to my surprise, she turned out to be Charlie's niece. Charlie, my brother's childhood best friend, loves to donate to our team, which drives me crazy, but it helps our girls have a better chance at a future in this sport.

Money has always been a tricky subject for me. My parents left me at my grandma’s house when they came into money, choosing to travel the world without me. My ex-boyfriend, controlled by his family’s wealth, walked out on our relationship when I wouldn’t abide by the rules.

So, when I see Charlie, I can’t help but draw parallels. His generosity feels like a shadow of my past, and it’s hard to separate the two.

But as we travel to lacrosse games and tournaments, I see a different side of Charlie. He’s not just his money.

He’s there for his niece, cheering louder than anyone, always ready with a supportive word. Slowly, my initial reservations fade. The more time we spend together, the more I realize how much I genuinely like him.

Maybe, just maybe, love can begin on the sidelines.



My life needed a time-out. Or a do-over.

After my dream of taking New York by storm as a fashion designer dramatically imploded in one fell swoop—culminating with a warm splat on my head—I realized if the city had no more love for me, I might as well go home.

Returning to Moonlit Lake feeling like a failure was bad enough, but when I walked into the local bar, the first thing I saw was the love of my life, Rowan, whom I hadn’t seen in fourteen years, on his knee proposing to someone else.

Not exactly the welcome home I expected.

Letting him go the first time was my biggest regret. One I never got over. I’d do whatever it took to get him back. Maybe opening a clothing boutique in town would show Rowan I was back to stay, and prove I wasn’t a failure.

Starting over in my hometown wouldn’t be easy, but surely my luck was changing. When you’ve hit rock bottom and washed the pigeon poop out of your hair, things can only get better, right?


Hinted is a sweet, second chance, romantic comedy with small-town charm, a meddling matchmaker, swoony kisses, and a touch of mystery. All the fun and feels, without the spice or swears.



Love was never supposed to be part of the deal

Hi, I’m Clay Ashley and I’m a workaholic. There, I said it. But hey, let’s be fair, I’m good at my job and desperate to land the Head of Pediatrics role at Oakridge Children’s Hospital. I’ve heard rumors that the board prefer a family man, not a perpetual bachelor like me. That's when Kat Wilson enters the picture - the beautiful woman I protected from her angry ex on Nantucket island, who agrees to pose as my fiancée. The fake kisses we share are electric, but it's all an act . . . right?

As we dive deeper into this fake engagement, I find myself falling for Kat's sassy spirit and radiant smile. But I've been lying to everyone, including her. When the truth inevitably comes out, will it shatter my chance at the job I've coveted my whole career? And will Kat walk out of my life forever?

One thing's for sure - love was never supposed to be part of the deal but I desperately want to rewrite the contract.

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