Author's Spotlight 6/11/2024

Author's Spotlight 6/11/2024

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My marriage pact from high school is suddenly on the table—and my best friend wants to cash it in…

Life was simple until Evan, my rock-solid childhood best friend turned dreamy doctor, dropped a bombshell.

He wants to cash in the marriage pact we made as teenagers…

Evan’s always been there for me, but when he suggests we take our friendship to the next level, I freeze.

I can’t risk our bond for something more…

Then, a twist of fate lands me in his arms after an accident, and suddenly, everything feels different.

But by the time I finally gather the courage to admit my feelings, it all blows up in my face.

Will we take a chance on love? Or is it too late?


A second chance at life. A second promise of love.

Leanne’s priorities are abnormally straight for the first time since her ex passed. She’s adjusting to her new work routine, her relationship with her daughter has never been better, and spoiling her baby grandson has become her top focus. If only her daughter would stop trying to set her up with internet strangers, and her only friend, Dan, would stop picking on her cooking, life would be almost perfect.

The least likely person in Wyoming has caught Dan’s attention. Maybe if he hadn’t offered to teach Leanne how to cook, he would’ve never thought twice about her, but it’s too late now. When she starts meeting people from a dating app, the bickering between them heats up. A fire lights within Dan, and he can’t sit by and watch a good thing burn out.
Just as new passions ignite, old wounds simmer below the surface as a visitor disrupts their fragile dance. Can Dan move past his ruined history and embrace a new future with Leanna, or will their newfound love deflate like an overcooked soufflé?


Can a backup plan with your best friend turn into a happily ever after?

I’ve agreed with Asher my fun-loving bestie, that if we're both still single at 35, we’ll get hitched. Sensible plan, right? It gives me five whole years to find The One. Easy.

But then I get a job decorating Asher’s bachelor pad and stumble on his big secret. Now, I can’t help but see him in a totally new light. Suddenly, he’s not just my laid-back American buddy in London. He’s Asher, the guy filling my thoughts by day and my dreams by night.

So what do I do now that my backup plan has become my everything—but to Asher I’m just a friend?

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