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Author's Spotlight 12/12

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Can a one-handed cowboy and an overzealous social worker bridge the gap between their worlds?

Former Sergeant Seth Black, his right hand missing and his ranching dream demolished, has holed up in a remote cabin to avoid his hovering brothers. He agrees to let Tank, an army buddy who’s also an amputee, stay for a while. Tank’s sister unexpectedly comes with him, though, and while she may be gorgeous, she’s as over-helpful as his family.

Social worker Riley Callahan loves helping children and families but got suspended for following an impulse. While she waits for a final decision, she’s making sure her brother takes time to sort out his own problems...and trying not to get involved with the cowboy they’re staying with. But Seth is handsome, hurting, and obviously needs her help.

Seth begins to accept his situation, but his dreams are gone. Riley wants to help him adjust to his new abilities, but she doesn’t know where she’ll be in a month. Can a one-handed non-cowboy and a city social worker figure out what God wants them to do?


 A fake relationship with the “devil in disguise?” Please, anything but that!

It’s true, my (Danica Dixon) life right now is a HOT mess!

I’ve flunked the bar twice, and if I fail one more time, I can kiss my dreams of becoming a lawyer—and of helping my little sister attend the college of her dreams—goodbye.

But then the worst thing happens. Gabriel Kelley, my lifelong nemesis, is back in Somerset with his snazzy, lawyer business card and a mutually beneficial proposition that’s too tempting to resist:

I pretend to be his girlfriend to put his sick (but adorable) grandmother’s mind at ease and he’ll help me pass the bar.

I really, really don’t want to do this, but my future's on the line. Not just mine, but my family's.

But I can’t risk trusting Gabriel again. And as our fake-pact, fake-romance—whatever this is—intensifies, I realize I can’t trust my heart either.


A widowed father, the woman who puts his senses in a whirl, and a little girl’s Christmas wish that changes everything.

Sam Behr didn’t think finding work would be so hard after moving closer to family for his young daughter’s sake. But with Christmas only weeks away and money tight, he might have to pack up, leave town, and ask for his old job back if he can’t catch a break. Giving up hope of his daughter developing strong family ties won’t be easy, but he’ll do whatever it takes to provide for her.

Joanna Becker will never concede defeat where her failing family bakery is concerned. Business might be bad, but Christmas has filled her heart with hope. She 
knows there’s a way to turn things around before her cousin decides to sell, and she’s determined to find it.

When a mutual friend suggests that Sam might be able to help, Joanna hires him on the spot. The chemistry between them is hotter than a pre-heated oven and sweeter than buttercream frosting. But the lingering grief this single dad has carried for years might be a romantic hurdle too big for either of them to overcome.

After Joanna receives dire news about her bakery, Sam must choose whether to hold onto his grief or rise to the challenge and find a way to preserve a legacy.

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