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Looking for some great romantic comedies?
9 Amazing clean and wholesome authors have teamed up to bring you some great romantic comedies.1.Maid for my Billionaire Boss - 2. Courageous Beginnings - The Worst...
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Do you love romantic comedies?
I'm so pleased to share that my first romantic comedy - A Merry Mistake is here. I actually wrote my first romantic comedy - Take a Chance on Me - in the summer, but it's part of a USA Today run, so it won't release for awhile. I had planned for it t...
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Her First Love audiobook and sale
Well, it took me a few days - the internet has been super slow - but I finally got Her First Love up on YouTube. You can listen for free and it has a Bookbub on Wednesday, so the ebook is just .99 cents right now includin...
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