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The long-awaited sequel to The Still Small Voice

Kat Jameson has just been told her job is to reach Raven Ryder, the one woman who seems to hate her. Can she convince the girl of her importance before it's too late?

Jordan Wright thought her place was with Kat, but when she begins having visions of a baby, will it send her home to see the son she gave up for adoption?

Raven Ryder's past has been anything but pretty. She has no time for God or Kat's nonsense, but when she begins having vivid nightmares and seeing black shapes, will she admit she needs the girl's help after all.

A gripping tale of the supernatural war going on around us, this book will open your eyes to the dangers we do not see. Join USA Today best-selling author Lorana Hoopes on this thrilling ride to the Tribulation and End Times by grabbing your copy today!

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