Under the Mistletoe


Christmas is the time when families get together and love abounds. 8 inspirational authors have teamed up to bring you 8 wonderful Christmas novellas sure to bring you joy this holiday season.
Enjoy 2 historical and 6 contemporary romance stories sure to warm your heart.

When Hearts Collide


Amanda Adams has always been a Christian, but she’s a novice at relationships. Her first year in college, she falls for a man she believes cares about her, but he has ulterior motives. Does she miss the signs because of her toxic roommate or for some other reason?

Jess Peterson has lived a life of abuse and lost her self worth, but when she meets Amanda, she begins to wonder if there is a loving father looking down on her. Her decisions lead her one way, but when she ends up pregnant, she must make some major changes. Plus, she finds she now has to be the rock for Amanda after her faith is shaken.

The third book in the Heartbeats series, this one is a must read for mothers and girls heading to college. Though part of the series, it is a stand alone book and can be read separately.

Where It All Began


Sandra Baker thought her life was on the right track until she ended up pregnant. Her boyfriend, not wanting the baby, pushes her to have an abortion.
After the procedure, Sandra’s life falls apart, and she turns to alcohol. Her relationship ends, and she struggles to find meaning in her life.
When she meets Henry Dobbs, a strong Christian man, she begins to wonder if God would accept her. Will she tell Henry her darkest secret? And will she ever be able to forgive herself and find healing? Find out in this emotional love story.

A Father’s Love


Maxwell Banks was the ultimate player until he found himself caring for a daughter he didn’t know he had. Can he change to be the father she needs?

Alyssa Miller is his ex-lover’s best friend who promised to help keep Peyton safe. With a past filled with hurt, can she trust Maxwell?

Though nearly complete opposites, feelings develop, but can Max really change his philandering ways? Or will one mistake seal his fate forever?

The Power of Prayer


Callie Green thought she had her whole life planned out until her fiance left her at the altar. When her carefully laid plans crumble, she begins to make mistakes at work and engage in uncharacteristic activities.

After a mistake nearly costs her her job, she cashes in her honeymoon tickets for some time away. There she meets JD, a charming Christian man who, even though she is not a believer, captures her interest. Before their relationship can deepen, Callie’s ex-fiance shows back up in her life and she is forced to choose between Daniel and JD. Who will she choose and how will her choice affect the rest of her life? Find out in this touching novel, the first of the Heartbeats series.

When Love Returns


Presley Hays and Brandon Scott were best friends in High School until Morgan entered their town and stole Brandon’s heart. Devastated, Presley takes a scholarship to Le Cordon Bleu, but five years later, she is back in Star Lake after a tough breakup. Brandon thought he’d never return to Star Lake after Morgan left him and his daughter Joy, but when his father needs help, he returns home and finds more than he bargained for. Can Presley and Brandon forget past hurts or will their stubborn natures keep them apart forever?

Love Breaks Through

Brent McKasson just wanted to finish his novel in peace, but when his car breaks down in Sweet Grove, he is forced to deal with a female mechanic and try to get along. Sam Jenkins thought she had given up on city boys, but when Brent shows up in her shop, she finds herself fighting attraction. Will their stubborn natures keep them apart or can a small town festival bring them together?

Once Upon a Star

Audrey left Star Lake to pursue acting, but after an unplanned pregnancy, her jobs and her money dwindled, leaving her no option except to return home and start over.

Blake was the quintessential nerd in high school and was never able to tell Audrey how he felt. Now that he’s gained confidence and some muscle, will he finally be able to reveal his feelings?

The second in the Star Lake series, Once Upon a Star will take you back to Christmas in Star Lake. Revisit your favorite characters and meet a few new ones in this sweet Christmas read.

Love Conquers All

Lanie Perkins Hall never imagined being divorced at thirty. Nor did she imagine falling for an old friend, but when she runs into Azarius Jacobson, she can’t deny the attraction. As they begin to spend more time together, Lanie struggles with the fact Azarius keeps his past a secret. What is he hiding? And will she ever be able to get him to open up?

Azarius Jacobson has loved Lanie Perkins Hall from the moment he saw her, but issues from his past have left him guarded. Now that he has another chance with her, will he find the courage to share his life with her? Or will his emotional walls create a barrier that will leave him alone once more?

Find out in this heartfelt, emotional third book (stand alone) in the Star Lake series.